RSPCA & Floriade 2014

The Problem

An lack of awareness on ways the community could get involved and support the RSPCA ACT.

The Objectives

  • Raise awareness about the RSPCA’s foster carer program.
  • Get people to register as carers.

The Strategy

Floriade offered a wonderful opportunity for the RSPCA to create more awareness about the program and generate more public support. As a non-for-profit the strategy needed to be simple, cost effective and needed to utilized available resources.

Hence, flyers were handed out at Floriade that complied with RSPCA Australia standards and had a step-by-step process on how to register. These were given out by carers themselves, so as to relate first hand experience about the process and benefits of the program.

The Outcome

The flyers were well received, and public registering went up with no cost to the organisation.

UN Zero Hunger Challenge Campaign

An amazing opportunity conducted by the University allowed students to be briefed by Christopher Woodthorpe the Director of the United Nations Information Centre on a campaign for the UN’s upcoming participation in Expo Milano 2015. With the only criteria being to focus on the UN’s fifth pillar – Zero Hunger and maintain the UN’s style. We were off with a hypothetical budget of 10 million dollars.

This is what we did.

The Problem

Food is one of the most important resources we have, yet it is being wasted at an unsustainable rate creating food shortages around the world. 1.3 billion tonnes of food is lost or wasted each year around the world whilst 1 in 8 people go hungry.

Expo Milano 2015 provides an excellent opportunity to launch a campaign combatting the issue of food wastage. The large number of national and international attendees provides a high reach whilst the length and expanse of the expo provides a high frequency and exposure of key messages. Furthermore the theme of the expo “feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ provides relevant context in which to launch a campaign.

The Objectives

  • To create awareness about the UN’s involvement,
  • To create awareness of the food wastage issue,
  • To create self-awareness among food wasters.

The Strategy

To create engaging touchpoint to attract the 20 million visitors (70% Italians and 30% international visitors) before and during the Expo via:

  • The UN’s and Expo’s websites,
  • App,
  • Outdoor advertising,
  • Partnership with Alitalia (branded tray place mats)

Touchpoints at the Expo

  • Segway to Pavilion
  • Spoon installations
  • Branded plates, posters and dining areas
  • Pavilion Pledge Booth (social media campaign)
  • Food Savers
  • World Food Day Flash Mob

Touchpoints after Expo

  • Social media campaign
  • Advertising

The Outcome

Our efforts resulted in our group pitching to Christopher Woodthorpe the Director of the United Nations Information Centre and receiving Finalists and Appreciation Certificates from the UN.

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