The Collectif

The Problem

A lack of Australian designers within the mainstream fashion market, especially in Canberra

The Objectives

  • To deliver unique fashion creations
  • To create a brand that will promote local talent
  • To collaborate with schools and event venues to harness and exhibit the potential of local designers

The Strategy

In order to create a brand and develop a realistic brand strategy, our group undertook the following tasks:

  • create realistic objectives,
  • outline a mission statement and slogan,
  • primary and secondary research,
  • create the brands characteristics and personality,
  • formulate a competitive brand claim,
  • identify methods of delivery and develop business to business and consumer marketing plans,
  • develop the brands positioning though its unique attributes,
  • identify the target audiences demographics, personality and attitudes, motives, values and desires
  • identify the emotional and tangible benefits of the brand and its products.

In regards to creative my role included deriving the brands name, logo and colour scheme as well as collaborating with team members to create copy for the campaign.

The Outcomes

The development of a viable brand that communicated a consistent message and had strong brand equity and resolved a real problem within the Australian market.  

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