Best Exhaust

The Purpose

To help Best Exhaust participate in Auto Italia as an assistant event manager. 

The Objective

  • To create brand awareness and brand recognition
  • To liaise with possible business partners and clients
  •  To convert queries and questions into sales
  • To increase sales through awareness

The Strategy

In order to gain awareness at the event, Best Exhaust featured a stall along the main strip of the event featuring a large marque with extensive signage all round, information flyers, a red sports ferrari, PR girls who handed out information and took photos with participants and giveaway bags. For a full list of duties I undertook please click on the link- Best Exhaust duties 

The Outcome

By participating in the event Best Exhaust dramatically raised their public profile. The Best Exhaust Facebook page traffic report showed an increase in reach by over 6000% and engagement by over 8000%.

Furthermore, the event generated a number of leads and possible sales for Best Exhaust. Local Canberra dealerships and workshops also made a number of enquires regarding partnerships.

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