Alfa Romeo

The Problem

Low public opinion of the Alfa Romeo brand in Australia as previous advertising campaigns  focused more on selling a lifestyle that seems almost unattainable, foreign and unnecessary to an Australian market.

The Objectives

  • To create a campaign that would be relatable to the Australian market
  • To create a campaign focused on repositioning the brand within the Australian market, whilst also reconnecting Alfa’s existing audience and establishing new relationships

The Strategy

By creating an integrated and consistent campaign that would link the cars attributes with the target audiences. ‘Giulietta as versatile as You are’, is the core idea behind that concept. However, by enabling the word versatile to flip to different attributes of the car the whole concept and feel of the ad could change and target a different segment.The words chosen include: glamorous, practical, efficient, classic, protective, savvy, trustworthy and spirited.

The typography changed with each word to further enforce the concept and feeling of the word in each ad. Characters and stories were then created to best accompany these words and carry the tone of the ads across different mediums. A variety of mediums have been used to gain maximum exposure and interaction between the product and brand.

The Outcome

A campaign that is engaging and creates a more personal experience more suitable to the Australian market.


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